Besides composer and arranger, the brazillian 7-string guitar player
Alessandro Penezzi also plays, tenor guitar, cavaquinho, mandolim, and flute.
From Piracicaba, São Paulo countryside, Alessandro Penezzi has started his
musical studies at the age of 7.

Graduated on classical guitar at Escola de Música de Piracicaba with Maestro
Ernst Mahle’s orientation, meeting Choro’s universe by the master Sérgio

His bachelor degree is in Popular Music by Universidade Estadual de
Campinas (Unicamp) and in Creatives Processes’ Specialization by Souza
Lima Faculty.

He has participed of “Regional de Carlos Poyares”, Trio Quintessência and
Grupo Choro Rasgado. Actued as trio with Yamandú Costa and Rogério
Caetano; Sizão Machado and Alex Buck. As duo, performed with Hamilton de
Holanda, maestro Laércio de Freitas, Alexandre Ribeiro and Nailor Azevedo

Also had already played with Dominguinhos, Hermeto Pascoal, Zimbo Trio,
Beth Carvalho, Sílvio Caldas, Billy Blanco, Alaíde Costa, D. Ivone Lara, and
Orchestras as Jazz Sinfônica (Sao Paulo) and London’s Symphonic.

Alessandro has been in concerts in several countries around the world such
as USA, Gabon, Angola, Italy, German, Denmark, Netherlands, Argentina,
Uruguay, Colombia, Morocco, Portugal, among others.

Also has participed of the Violões do Brasil (Brazil’s Guitars), Project
dedicaded to brazilian guitar masters.
In the 30th Skopje Jazz Festival (Macedonia), the guitar player has opened
the Wayne Shorter’s concert, one of the biggest jazz masters ever.

In 2016 Penezzi has composed all soundtrack, based on Choro music, for
SOS Fada Manu, the new fifty-two chapter TV brazilian animation by Gloob

Some of his songs have been published and recorded for some artists and
publishers such as Alfred Music (German), Yamandú Costa (BR), Danilo
Brito, Beth Carvalho, Dexter Payne (USA), Brian Silber (USA), NY Regional
(USA) and Ted Falcon (USA).

The great American flute player, Jane Lenoir, has recorded a full album of
Penezzi’s songs.

Also Alessandro has received tributes and indications for his artistic
performances and has featured in wards like VISA MPB Instrumental, Premio
Tim de Música Brasileira, Premio Shell de Teatro e Prêmio da Música

Main albums


  1. Abismo de rosas (2001) special guests: Ulisses Rocha and Wagner Silva
  2. Alessandro Penezzi (2006 – Independente) special guests: Beth Carvalho, Yamandú Costa, Amélia Rabello, Oswaldinho da Cuíca, Arismar do Espírito Santo e Quinteto em Branco e Preto
  3. Sentindo (2008 – Capucho Produções) special guests: Sizão Machado and Alex Buck
  4. Named to Prêmio da Música Brasileira (Brazilian Music Award) as the best soloist
  5. Cordas ao Vento (2010 – Capucho Produções) duo with the clarinetist Alexandre Ribeiro
  6. Alive in Bimhuis-Amsterdam (2012 – Capucho Produções) this album was recorded with the clarinetist Alexandre Ribeiro and was indicated to Brazilian Music Award as the best soloist.
  7. Dança das Cordas (2013 – Capucho Produções) (Strings Dance)
  8. Velha Amizade (2015 – Capucho Produções) (Old friendship) with the clarinet and sax player Nailor Azevedo “Proveta”
  9. Soundtrack for SOS Fada Manu (2016 – Boutique Filmes) – fifty-two chapters TV Brazilian cartoon by Gloob channel
  10. Quebranto (2017 – Biscoito Fino) (Quebranto is kind of “gypsy spell”) with the great guitar player Yamandú Costa


“Everything makes us to realize that we’re facing a genius with his magical guitar and his wonderful compositions.”

Aquiles Rique Reis – brazilian group MPB4’s singer